Monday, August 19, 2013

Crop Alert: August 16, 2013

This Crop Alert was originally written for and distributed to farmers and other members of the agricultural industry in western New York.

Soybean Aphids
We have been getting reports that soybean aphid populations are on the rise in our region, have reached, and even exceeded the 250 aphid per plant threshold in areas of Wyoming County. Most soybeans are in the R2- R5 stages across the region. These are crucial stages of pod development and filling. All soybean fields throughout western New York should be scouted and sprayed with an insecticide if over this threshold. Special attention should be given to late planted fields. With the recent rains and high temperatures coming in the next couple of weeks, soybeans should have very good pod-fill if protected from aphids.

Corn Diseases
We have been on the lookout for corn foliar diseases such as Northern Corn Leaf Blight and Gray Leaf Spot. Both have been found in pockets in western New York at low populations. Grey Leaf Spot (GLS) is a foliar disease that has been a problem in the lower southern tier and east into the Hudson Valley. However, we recently received reports that GLS has been discovered near Trumansburg and on the Livingston/Wyoming border. Finding GLS infestation in these areas of our region is unusual and needs to be monitored, Fgure 1. Please contact Bill or Mike if you have similar leaf symptoms in your corn fields.

Figure 1: Gray Leaf Spot in Corn

Winter Wheat and Winter Malting Barley Variety Trial Results
We have had a lot of calls this week in regards to the variety trial results for winter wheat and winter malting barley. We will distribute these results as soon as we get them from campus, which will probably be next week.

Forage Yield Monitor Field Day
August 22, 2013, 10am-12pm O’Hara Machinery 1289 Chamberlain Rd., Auburn, NY
Interested in purchasing a new forage harvester with yield monitoring capabilities, but don’t know what the benefits are? Already own the equipment, but want to understand how to use the data? Attend the field day and get your questions answered. Program will include: importance of yield monitoring, overview of harvester components involved in yield monitoring, information on calibration, and farmer experiences. See the flyer for more information

Corn Silage For Sale
Table Rock Farm is looking to sell up to 2,000 tons of corn silage. The corn silage is processed, 36-37% DM, and has been treated with an L. buchneri inoculant. Price is $65/ton at the bunk. If you are interested contact Meghan Hauser at Table Rock Farm in Castile, NY at 585 880-4089 or 585 493-2517.

Timothy Hay Wanted
Advanced Feed Technology (AFT) of Geneva is looking at least 55+ tons, preferably in small bales, of Timothy hay over the next couple months. After that they will need approximately 20 tons per month through next spring. They are willing to pay up to $300 per ton delivered range for hay that meets their quality specifications and meets or exceeds guaranteed analysis levels. In addition they need to verify particular field lot locations for traceability reasons.

They will pay to have core samples analyzed for the following:
Crude Protein – 6% min. preferably between 6.5%-9.5%
Crude Fat – 2% min. preferably between 2.5%-4.5%
Crude Fiber – 24% min. & 32% max., preferably 25%-31%
Moisture – 12% max. preferably between 7%-11%
Calcium - .1% min. & .6% max., preferably between .2%-.5%
Yeast & Mold: <1000 CFU/g
Salmonella: Negative/375g
Aflatoxin: <20ppb
Appearance: A mixture of mostly stems, with some leaves and seed heads
Color: Light to Dark Green & Brown
Odor: Fresh, green & slightly herbal, no off or rancid odor.
If interested contact: Peter Hessney, Phone: 585-738-3500, Email:

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